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Sleep-disordered breathing and bed wetting go hand in hand

Does your child have problems wetting the bed at night? The problem may not be what you think it is. Sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) could be the underlying problem. There was a recent study that was done on 5-10 year olds, that was looking for the link between SDB and tonsil and adenoid swelling in children who wet the bed (enuresis)

There are two types of bed wetting. A primary bed wetter, is a child who does not regularly stay dry at night during sleep for 6 months in a row. A secondary bed wetter will stay dry for 6 months, but then starts bedwetting a minimum of two times per week for around 3 months.

In this study, they then surveyed the parents with 5-10 years olds, to see if they showed signs of SDB and bedwetting. The children with SDB were clinically examined. They then calculated the BNP levels in 33 children with SDB and wet their beds, and also in 30 healthy children who wet their beds.

What they found was interesting, 33 of these children had a sleep disordered breathing problem that needed to get addressed. Once these SDB issues were addressed, the parents saw that the bed wetting went away.

The problem most people face is that the dots have not been connected with what their child might be suffering from, like bed wetting, to a possible root cause that can be treated. That is why we @Nexisom are so passionate about raising the awareness of what is really going on so you can take action and resolve the problem now.

If your child’s bed wetting is caused by sleep issues, the good news is that is something the experts at Nexisom and Schaffer dental can help solve. By working in collaboration with a team of specialists and using a combination of the latest tools and technologies, we can create a custom diagnosis and solution for your child’s specific airway issue.

That means no more sleepless nights. No more fighting over glasses of water or last-minute bathroom visits. And no more social anxiety.

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