The Struggles Caused By Bedwetting

Behind every child that wets the bed, is a parent who is struggling. For parents who struggle with a child bedwetting, they know that there is a bigger impact on the child that goes far beyond wet sheets and disrupted sleep.

Bed wetting will also have a negative social and phycological effect on their child. It causes stress, creates additional workload, and has other emotional impacts on parents. The outcome is a life full of frustration, struggle and anxiety for both children and their parents.

Social Struggles

It is well established that bedwetting can cause significant social development problems for children.

When a child wets the bed, they are less likely to participate in activities such as sports, sleepovers with friends, campouts and overnight family trips out of fear of embarrassment. The child simply does not get to have the same experiences as other children do, leaving your child feeling isolated and alone from other children.

Psychological Struggles

In addition to the social struggle, children who wet the bed struggle with psychological problems as well.
Self-esteem becomes an issue because of the frustration bedwetting causes at home. Their fear of the social stigma, and how they compare themselves to their siblings and friends who don’t have a problem with bedwetting, can lead to such issues as anxiety, depression, and other psychological struggles throughout their childhood and even into adulthood.

The Breakthrough

Bedwetting is the little secret no one wants to talk about, but it really is more common than many people are aware of because not many parents are out there spreading the word that their child wets the bed.

Today experts are doing clinical studies and learning more about the underlying cause of why children wet the bed, we are learning that the real root cause for children who wet the bed really doesn’t have to do with too much to drink just before bed or last minute bathroom visits.

What these studies are showing is the actual underlying cause is a child’s obstructed airway that disrupts their sleep at night. Some of the common signs and symptom that the problem might be your child’s airway are:

Mouth breathing
Venus pooling under their eye (Dark circles)
Coughing or choking during sleep
Or if they sleep in an odd position

The Good News

If your child’s bed wetting is cause by a sleep related issue, Nexisom Sleep Wellness Centers and Dr. Robert Schaffer can help solve it. By working with Dr. Schaffer and his team, using a combination of the latest technologies and tools, we can create a custom solution for your child’s specific airway issue.

That means, no more arguing about that last-minute glass of water before bed or last-minute bathroom visits and no more sleepless nights. And no more social anxiety for your child.

The best thing about what Nexisom and Dr. Schaffer can help with, unlike other treatments, our solution actually works quickly and permanently because we address and fix the underlying problem. The results are typically visible within days or weeks and the problem can often be resolved completely within 12 to 18 months all naturally without using harmful drugs or therapy.

If you are a parent struggling with a child who wets the bed, Nexisom and Dr. Schaffer can help. Click the button below to take our online assessment to see if it is your child's airway and sleep that's the problem

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