The connection of bed-wetting and a sleep disorders

Bed wetting with adolescents is more common than people want to admit because it is embarrassing to talk about, and no one wants to admit their child has a problem. If you are concerned about your child’s bed-wetting, or if other symptoms accompany the problem, please listen closely to what we have to say.

There is no medical test that can pinpoint the cause of bed-wetting; however new studies are coming out that link adolescent bed-wetting to a possible sleep disorder breathing problem. Since breathing during sleep can be difficult for those with sleep apnea, the brain works harder to take in oxygen than it does to control other bodily functions, like bladder control.

This is better explained by Dr. Miraglia, who has treated thousands of cases of sleep disordered breathing in children.

The breakthrough

Once it was discovered that bed-wetting had a connection to sleep disordered breathing, researchers started looking at what causes this disorder, and the problem may not be what you think it is…

An underdeveloped or compromised airway can lead to a poor quality of sleep and not enough oxygen to the brain, which can lead to such conditions as ADD/ADHD, Bed wetting, teeth grinding, anxiety, underdevelopment and more…

By working with a specialist at Nexisom Sleep Wellness Centers, we can create a custom diagnosis and a solution for your or your airway issue.  This means that there will be no more sleepless nights and you will have an opportunity to comfortably enjoy a restful and quiet nights rest.

The benefits of the breakthrough

Many studies have been made that enable technology to treat sleep issues that cause bed-wetting. The typical treatments available today treat the symptoms only, without a permanent solution.  The Nexisom airway treatment works fast and the best news is that it is not just masking the symptoms. Results are seen within days or weeks and the problem can often be resolved completely within twelve to eighteen months.

The biggest difference

One of the biggest reasons this treatment is unique is because of the combination of technology and personal attention. Our team of experts recognizes how important it is to give each case special attention.

First, through a combination of technologies, we help diagnose the root cause of the problem. Second, we use a team of experts, led by our own Dr. Robert Schaffer to come up with a custom solution.  Our team works together to find the root cause of your bed-wetting problem and find the solution to make it possible for your child to permanently stop bed-wetting..

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