Sand Diego sleep apnea treatment clinic treats related issues to obstructed breathing

Many men, women and parents deal with terrible conditions everyday like sleep apnea, (OSA) snoring, ADHD, adolescent bedwetting and anxiety & depression. These conditions are typically treated with Cpaps, snore guards, oral appliance, medication and behavioral therapy that simply treat the symptoms.

At one time or another, you may have tried many different treatments that the “experts” have said will work and make things better. The problem may be that those treatments didn’t work, or they were expensive or took a lot of time to see less than stellar results. Does this sound familiar?

Are you looking for a better all-natural treatment that can fix the problems once and for all and live healthier lives?  Are you or your loved ones ready to get rid of your cpap, oral appliance, snore guard, medications or continue to have to do behavioral therapy for the rest of your lives? Are you ready to take your life back?

Sand Diego treatment center for sleep apnea, snoring, ADHD, Adolescent bedwetting and anxiety and depression

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Most people are leery of new treatments that they or their doctors have not heard about and rush to think that it may not work, or it may be too expensive to try and see. They ask themselves; will the treatment harm me? Will I have to spend a lot of time and money and then start again from scratch if it doesn’t work?

These emotions are real, and I can totally relate to them because I was in this same position when I found out about this treatment. I can remember, very vividly, my son struggling and not knowing what to do or who to turn to for help for him. His pediatric doctor told us when he was 3 that he would simply “grow out of it” but he didn’t, he got worse.

Breakthrough treatment for sleep apnea, snoring, ADHD, Adolescent bedwetting and anxiety and depression

sleep apnea family

I believed that there was something out there that could help my son because he deserved to overcome his condition and live a healthy life. Do you or your loved ones deserve to live a healthy life full of happy times without having to worry about being sick all the time?

So, what did I do when I heard about this breakthrough treatment? I took action for my son and myself. I researched this treatment and Dr. Schaffer and realized that this treatment does work and can get us healthy again, not to mention that the cost was much lower that a lifetime of being treated with the other treatments.

What are you or your loved ones suffering from and how is it connected to a breathing issue?

Let’s take a quick look at these conditions and how they are related to obstructed breathing or sleep apnea.


Snoring during sleep indicates there is an obstruction of the free flow of air through the mouth, nose and airway passage. In the airway area, the tissues, the tongue and the upper throat are collapsible. This is when this area will fall back toward the throat as you sleep and cause an obstruction that results in snoring. At this point the tongue and upper throat fall back and meet with the uvula and soft palate. When breathing, they come together and touch, causing a vibration, or snoring.

Snoring can be a big indicator of sleep apnea and breathing disorder and needs to be check out by a Doctor. Most commonly, snoring is an indicator that the person has sleep apnea, which can be diagnosed by a board-certified sleep physician. Snoring does occur more in males and overweight people, and it worsens with age. CLICK HERE to learn more.


In a recent study, Dr. Karen Bonuk examined 11,000 children to determine the impact of sleep on development. Among her findings, Dr. Bonuk identified a connection between interrupted sleep due to snoring, mouth breathing, or other physiological factors and ADHD-like symptoms in children. Specifically, the children with interrupted sleep were found to be more likely than others to show ADHD-like symptoms. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Adolescent bedwetting:

Bedwetting is a little more common than people are aware because not many people are running around in advertising that their child is bed wetting. Bedwetting does have a relationship to how we’re breathing and our quality of sleep. Some of the causes for bedwetting relates to the way oxygen is exchanged in our body.

For example, if we’re breathing through mouth, that air coming into the lungs isn’t filtered, warmed, or humidified appropriately and the body can’t exchange it appropriately.  So, less oxygen goes to the brain and starts to trigger a  fight or flight response, and a fight or flight response means the brain is going to look at the body and say, if we’ve got a little bit of an oxygen issue going on, I’m going to pull oxygen from somewhere else that it picks to be unnecessary at that moment and deliver it somewhere that might be more important. The most common place the body pulls that oxygen from is the urinary tract and if the body pulls a little oxygenation from the urinary tract it might void so we might wet the bed. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Nexisom’s 3-step treatment plan for sleep apnea

Nexisom offers a 3-step treatment plan to help their patients with a permanent solution and start their healing process.

Step 1 – Nexisom offers a free online assessment so they can start to understand how sleep issues are affecting you.

Step 2 – Nexisom offers a free virtual assessment to understand even deeper the condition you are suffering from, which will help them create a custom treatment plan for you.

Step 3 – Once the Nexisom doctors have all the relevant information on your case, it’s time to start treatment and start the healing process.

If you have not taken advantage of our free online assessment, please take a moment to fill it out. The staff at Nexisom will look at your information and see if you qualify for this amazing treatment. CLICK HERE for the free assessment.

Impressive results in San Diego for sleep apnea 

Working with Nexisom has changed the life of myself and my son and it can do the same for you.  By following the treatment plan to a T, my son has flourished! He sleeps better, concentrated better is school and has even grown considerably over the last year in treatment. He no longer has trouble concentrating and he is excelling in baseball!

For myself, I am not done with my treatment, but my sleep apnea events, and snoring have dropped and have almost disappeared. I have more energy during the day, I am getting better results with my business, and my wife no longer sleeps in the extra bedroom!  All of this without having to worry about my health!

Are you ready for a real solution for sleep related problems?

Many people suffer with these conditions when they don’t have to. What’s holding you back from discovering a real solution that treats the underlying root cause of the condition and doesn’t just treat the symptoms? It’s time to transform your life or someone you love, click the FREE online assessment now.

We’re excited to meet and get to know you better!

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